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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Canada Day - There's Something in it for YOU!

On the advice of my agent (Ron) and several websites on improving sales, I've decided to offer my book in electronic format for FREE. This offer runs between July 1st and July 5th, so don't miss out! (How sales-y of me!) Hurry, there's no time! (Thank you Liam Neeson!)

This happily coincides with Canada Day and the Fourth of July, so consider it my way of celebrating our nations' birthdays. For five days only my book "Last Farmer" will be available on and (plus all the other Amazon.***) for no charge. It hurts me a little,both in the pocket and my conscience, as some kind souls have already bought the e-version, but it must be done. Nothing says celebrating your country's birthday like sitting down and reading a good book, right?

Please share this far and wide. The more downloads I get, the further up the Amazon charts my book will go and then the more likely it is that I'll sell some afterwards. (This is the working theory, at least.)

If you do download my book for free (and, ideally, enjoy it), please, please review it on Amazon. This also helps people decide whether to buy or not. If it's not your kind of read, then maybe you can pass on the information to people who like that sort of thing.

Thanks for any input you have and thanks for sharing and spreading the word! A  HUGE thanks to those of you who coughed over hard earned money already! 

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