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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bring on the Cakes (photos updated)

It's hard to believe that we're almost halfway though January already.  The weather has taken a turn for the worst (that means snow) and the days seem to be overcast more often than they are sunny.  (Not good for those of us who's mental well being relies on sunshine!)  The little birds are out in droves and basically eating us out of house and home.  We keep discovering new varieties and spend much time trying to figure out what they are.  (Is it a Purple Finch or a Common Redpoll?)  Never a dull moment in the country!

So fluffy & cute!
The black stuff?  Bird seed...nom nom nom.

My book has sold 59 copies (as of the end of December), so I'm a might shy of my 600 - 1000 that I need to sell to break even.  I have not given up though.  This week I'm forwarding the book to a local reviewer in hopes that she'll enjoy it enough to write a review for the Charlottetown paper.  (Keep your fingers crossed!)  For those of you technically inclined enough (& just generally inclined as well), I do have a favour to ask.  Could you please go to AMAZONCHAPTERS and review my book?  This will help it trend on those websites and perhaps increase sales a wee bit.  (Okay, I might be overly hopeful, but it can't hurt, can it?)

It seems that cake season in upon me, as I have two orders back to back.  One isn't confirmed, as in "yes, absolutely...go for it", but I'm guessing that it will likely go through, so anticipate some photos in the coming weeks.

The fog rolled in mid-morning and it was kind of spooky, watching everything disappear in the encroaching white void.  (Even more so, now that there's snow on the ground.)  The far tree line vanished and then the farmer's field, followed by our mail box and most of our neighbour's trees.  Sometimes it's so thick that I can look out the window and not even see our own trees, but that's an unusual occurrence.  But on great days, even in the winter, it can be pretty stunning!

I'm afraid you'll have to imagine the pictures, as I'm having difficulty with the blogging app...very irksome!  Hopefully, they'll have it repaired soon.  (I still haven't fixed the picture issue, but have found another way to load things up!)

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  1. We had a few weeks of cold weather here, but has finally gotten back to cool and rainy.
    Good luck with your newspaper review.