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Friday, April 22, 2011

Our Beautiful Bathroom

If this blog had a subtitle, it would be "From Road Warriors to Reno Warriors - Our Journey to PEI".  With that said I'm rather proud to announce that we finally have a working upstairs bathroom again.  I'll refer you to our installment entitled "Bathroom Phase One".  (go ahead click it to be reminded of where we started from.)  Sure there are a few touches that need to be completed, but for the most part, the reno is complete.  Here are some pictures to prove it:

(The weird lines in the pictures of the tub are because it's so new and shiny!)  Oh sure, there are things that still need to be done...we need to install the base boards and finish the wall paper on the one wall, the outside of the shower needs to be grouted and silicone, we need to get and install the towel bars etc (they're en route) and then we need to dress it with all the little decorative touches, but it's pretty satisfying to have a fully functioning bathroom upstairs again, especially one that's very pretty.  (I'd say chic, but that sounds vain.)  Ron has really outdone himself, as he did most of the labour, except for a bit of plumbing.  We invite you to come see it!  Now, on to the exterior of the house! (But, shhhhh, don't tell Ron I said that yet!)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Robertsons versus the Squirrels (and a Bathroom Update)

 Considering our last adventure with Heathcliffe (or She-cliffe/Heathcliffette) you'd think that we'd be all squirreled out.  But, alas, our little friend must have left a "come hither" odour d'amour that hasn't evaporated yet.  We've had several squirrels coming over looking for a quick hook-up and noticing that there isn't a resident in our highly desirable squirrel Nirvana, most of the romancers have decided that this may just be the place for them.  (See the comments from the last post, to truly understand our vexation at this turn of events!)

We rejigged the squirrel trap using off cuts of tile so that it's more sensitive.  This morning one of our little friends went in and grabbed the cracker (with peanut butter) and sat on the trip pan munching.  The rotten thing had the gall to look RIGHT AT US through the kitchen window, as if to say "Thanks Suckers!"  Ron went out once and the squirrel left the trap, but went back in once Ron walked away to a safe distance.  We decided to try and spring the trap by knocking it with something.  Ron picked up a good rock and tossed it at the trap.  Well, I guess the projectile was enough to startle the squirrel into jumping and low and behold, the trap sprung.  Victory!  Another impromptu drive was completed and we felt smug, until we saw the other squirrel.  It won't go near that darn trap...perhaps it's buddy left a warning scent or some such.  (Perhaps it's allergic to peanuts?)

Official score Squirrels - 2  Humans - 2

Anyhow, the bathroom is progressing, even though we've had to repaint to get a better harmony with the wall paper.  Here are some more photos (if you can stand it!)  I guess the one thing you have to understand is that to put up a glass shower door the side walls have to be PERFECTLY flush and level - this is no mean task, especially in a house that's 103 years old.  The guy who helped Ron put up the glass door was blown away by what a good job Ron did.  Imagine what he can do, know that he's experienced!:


From whence the infamous squirrel sprung!

In the time it's taken me to write and load up pictures we have secured another squirrel.  (No rock required, I think this one's a bit fatter than the last!)  So off we go on our third mini-road trip.  Wish us luck! PS Squirrels - 2 Humans - 3

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tales from the Country - "Heathcliffe Gets the Boot"

Well, spring has finally sprung (have I said that before?) and all the little birds and animals are frolicking.  We've discovered that Heathcliffe is actually a She-cliffe.  There have been several suitors chasing our squirrel around the yard - part of the mating ritual according to a "Bing"ed article.  (Googled is SO 2000!)  Anyhow, we just can't have little baby squirrels living in our house, so we borrowed a squirrel trap (live - no gasps of horror, please) from some friends and laid it out on one of Heathcliffe's favourite paths.

Ron has diligently been tiling the bathroom and when I arrived home he told me he'd heard the squirrel in the wall scratching at the mesh wire we'd put up between the floor boards.  Later that evening Ron beckoned me in to the washroom (he'd been inspecting his handy work) and I could definitely hear scratching, but it didn't sound like anything metal.  Ron asks "Where do you think it's coming from?" 

"The wall?" I responded hesitantly. 

"No, I think it's coming from the pipes." says he.  I'm thinking to myself, "what pipe?", but Ron pointed to the toilet flange, stuffed with clothes etc to keep the gases from coming out.  Now what would a squirrel be doing in the sewer system?  I told him not to be silly.  Anyhow, downstairs he goes and heats up a kettle of water, once complete he marches upstairs and pulls out the stuffing from the flange.  Down goes the hot water.  Well, what do you think happened?  The squirrel pops out like a jack-in-the-box and proceeds to climb up the nearest "tree", that being Ron's leg. 

Well, Ron let out a very reasonable yell and told me several times (in fairly rapid succession) to go get the trap while he hopped around on one leg, trying to shake the squirrel off.  Down the stairs I rush, out the door (in my slippers no less) to the trap and rush back in, trap in hand.  But doesn't the trap spring before I can get it to him?  And could I get the darn thing set again?  No, of course not.  But not to worry.  Ron managed to shepherd (squirrel-herd?) Heathcliffe in to the shower stall and put a large bucket of him (her...).  Thankfully, because he was tiling, the shower had a sheet of plastic down on the tray, so Ron neatly wrapped up the bucket and put the lid on the bucket.  (Thank heaven for Rubbermaid!)  We took an unscheduled drive to a land more remote (if you imagine!) and released our little friend back in to the wild.  We had to go more than 5 miles away so that Heathcliffette can't find her way back.  No rent, no room.

So ends the story of Heathcliffe the Squirrel and her adventures with the folks from away.  Stay tuned for more updates from the wilds of PEI.  (Oh, you may wonder HOW the squirrel got in to the sewer.  We imagine it fell through the new pipe vent leading up to the attic - the plumber didn't take it up to the roof because of all the snow.  So really we RESCUED the critter and released it out in to a more natural environment.)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Lightning Strikes Twice!

Well, we've made another cake, as I mentioned that we would in previous blogs.  This is our second PEI cake and while I'm not entirely happy with the outcome, the recipient's mother and father are both ecstatic, so I should be pleased, too.

For those of you not familiar with "Lightning McQueen", he's a Disney character from the movie "Cars" which I have yet to see.  Here's Gavin's cake:

"How you doin'?"


Oh, yeah, did I mention that I cut all my hair off again?  As to other changes...there's not much to report.  Ron is laying tile in the bathroom and we have the waterproof membrane for the shower stall, so we'll be tiling that this weekend.  Perhaps our bathroom will be finished by the Easter long weekend.  Here are some pictures:
Accent tile with wall colour and floor tile (not black, but grey, I swear!)

Thing on the pipes is a sample of the counter top (blue pearl)
I know the pictures don't really reflect the colours etc, but wait until we get the wallpaper & chandelier up and all the pretty things installed...maybe then it will give you the over all impression.   On a very final note I am almost finished the novel I have been writing for four or so years.  What I'll do with it once I'm done is completely unknown...anyone know any understanding publishers?  But, as Porky Pig says "Bah-dee Bah-dee Bah-dee That's all folks!"  At least for now.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

White, Black and Green

It's been fairly quiet here at the old Robertson homestead.  The snow has been melting away slowly and we had high hopes of spring.  Here's what we saw when we woke up this morning:

Bleh!  But such are the vagaries of spring on the Island.  The locals have assured us that the snow will make the old snow melt faster and the rain will dry the ground up more quickly.  Whatever you have to do to get through the day is all I have to say!  (On the upside, I don't think we got the 15cm that the weather people were calling for.)

We found a very interesting variety of tomatoes...(Tom this is for you!)  Had to buy them just because:

They are as advertised - firm juicy and with a brownish tinge.

We are getting ready to prime the bathroom and paint.  Things are a bit delayed as some of our supplies weren't delivered as expected.  (I'm sure anyone who's done a reno is gasping in surprise right now!)  We don't know where the Kurdi membrane is (or whether it's been shipped yet), our wallpaper is in transit & the in floor heat (apparently required in these parts, according to the locals) is yet to be ordered. (Our bad...but we've just come round to the idea of putting it in.)  Here's some pictures of Ron's hard work:

Shower controls

Nice tight cuts!

He actually has a lot more done...the drywall is completed and he's taped and mudded everything including the finish coat.  We bought a lovely blingy chandelier to glam the room up, possibly making the bathroom the nicest room in the house.  Ron joked that we'd have to move the dining table up there to enjoy it more.

One of the ladies at work found me some red Thai curry paste so Ron and I gorged on Red Curry Mussels last weekend.  Yummy!
Well, that's it for news from PEI.  Snow, black tomatoes (& mussels!) and green sheet rock.  We can't wait for spring, but then that brings on a whole other "To Do" list.  Our love to all of you!