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Who the heck are we?

You might be wondering who we are and why we write this silly little blog. It's not a long story.

Me (Danica) and my husband (Ron) are wanderers at heart. I describe myself as a timid adventurer, but Ron will boldly go where the whim takes him and I follow along for the ride. (Hey, I figure if something goes wrong and he's in the lead, it will get him first, right?)

We spent our lives working in corporate Canada, doing the 9-5 thing (well, I did; he put in a lot longer hours than me). After a few decades of this, we decided it was time for a change and early retirement beckoned to Ron due to various influences.
Vancouver - West End and UBC
We moved to Prince Edward Island, a little jewel of a province on the east coast of Canada and started this blog to let our family and friends keep up on our happenings. If you've never been to PEI, I heartily recommend a summer visit. Go enjoy the beaches, lobster, potatoes, "salt of the earth" people and the truly stunning vistas that are the Island. DO NOT go in winter, unless you have a chronic snow mobile habit. Seriously, the island mostly shuts down except for places in the capital, Charlottetown.
Back yard of our house in Prince Edward Island (Summer)
Winter won, we couldn't do another one, so we decided to look for warmer climes and discovered Ecuador. (Of course, it helped that I could "retire" and focus on writing, which has always been my passion.)We packed our bags and headed south (really, really south, as in another continent) and have parked ourselves in Cuenca, at least for the time being.

Winter blizzard (back yard - winter)
This blog takes you on a journey from one of the finest cities in Canada, to one of the prettiest Islands and all the way back across (and down) the continents to South America. I hope you enjoy our journey, as much as we do experiencing it and that some of the information is helpful, or at the very least, amusing.

Rio Tombebamba, near Parque Paraiso
Feel free to contact us if you have questions or comments and if you're feeling particularly generous, maybe pick up a copy of one of my novels. (I one day hope to actually break even on the cost of having it published!)


  1. Hello, I too am a Canadian , and looking to escape winters in retirement. I am seriously considering Ecuador and want to thank you and others for writing these very informative blogs. This post in particular had me ready to get up and leave right now!

    1. Ecuador isn't for everyone, but we really like it. Snowbirding is a bit more complicated, if you want to stay here for more tha 90 days. (You'll need a long stay Visa...) Good luck on your hunt!