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Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Sun Begins to Shine!

It feels like we've waited for an eternity, but we finally got a "nice weather" weekend where we can sit out on the back deck and enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, or a nice lunch in the afternoon.  (The ultimate of enjoyability in my books! Of course, I wouldn't knock a glass of wine out on the patio either!)

Here are some photos of the back garden, house and some other things (you might note the new windows on the lower floor, both the big ones and the one peeking out on the far left):

Ron reading, sitting on the back deck

Ron's pretty garden!

Bearded Irises and Columbine

The beautiful snow ball bush...the only snow we enjoy.

Blue sky and sunshine!
Here's a visitor that showed up today (Father's Day):

Without the camera that Ron bought for my birthday, I'd never have gotten this shot!

Front of the does exist.
I finished what should be my very last cake...for a dual graduation.  (& Father's Day)  I hope the family enjoys it.

A University and High School Grad (both with similar team mascots)

Acadia Axemen

Three Oaks Axemen
They chopped the rest of the letters in "Graduation" onto the boards with their axes...get it?
Little nod to Father's Day

The Dad is a volunteer fire fighter.
Ron's out mowing the lawn, trying to get things ready for the photos that will be used to rent out our house.  (I took a whole pile, inside and out, yesterday, when the sun was shining beautifully, just in case.)  Anyhow, we were just so happy to have a few nice days, that we could enjoy!  We even went out for a run along the board walk and made it the whole way!  (6.5 km one way, but we walked back most of the way, as I have a bum ankle.)

Be well all, and thanks for taking the time to read this little blog of ours.  Stay tuned for the Ecuadorian installments - only a few months to go!

1 comment:

  1. Nice shots of the house, should be a good time to rent when the property is looking it's best.

    Great cake, always those nice personal touches, you have a good feel for the design, too bad you will give it up, but maybe again in a few years, or how about:

    "Take The Cake Ecuador"