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Friday, February 21, 2014

I am Canadian!

Forgive me for taking a moment to put on my Canadian (yes, that is possible!) and pounding the drum of pride for a minute and two.  

You might be surprised to know that we can see a fair bit of the Olympics down here and we've been watching what we can and enjoying the spectacle. I know it's a loaded topic, what with Russia's stance on homosexuality and their abysmal human rights record (both so unacceptable in this day and age), but I'm choosing to take the best of what the Olympics stands for and trying to enjoy the spirit of competition. 

It's been a far cry from our Olympic experience in Vancouver. Here, there is no acknowledgement of the games at all. There isn't any celebrating in the streets (at least not for the Olympics) but I think some of the spirit still lingers in me even after four years and the fever has taken over!

We thrilled with our initial successes and we suffered through our athletes falling on their courses or tracks, being disappointed by fourth place finishes (I don't know why that hurts so much, but it does.) Don't mistake me, we are so proud of all of our athletes, we are behind you 100%! But yesterday and today...GREAT days. Our women's bobsleigh team came back in a huge way and pulled down a gold medal, then our women's curling team did the same. 

We were excited! Like many Canadians, we're a bit rabid over hockey, so when there was only 5 minutes left and we were still down by 2 our hearts seized, but we believed. (Really - we did.) We prayed to the hockey gods and low and behold a hockey come back for the history books. I give all respect to the women of the US hockey team. Really, both teams deserved to win.

Then today our men's curling team brought home the gold in very decisive fashion and (with apologies to any American readers) our men's hockey team won a very tight game to advance to the gold medal game.

A witty MSN correspondent commented on our run of silver medals earlier this week (paraphrasing) he said that it was Canada's way of dominating politely - it made me feel better and seemed to be a truly Canadian attitude. I don't know how the men's hockey game is going to turn out, but regardless of the outcome, I am proud of our athletes and very proud to be Canadian.

Go CANADA go! (No more chest pounding, I promise, at least until the next big sports event!)

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