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Saturday, June 14, 2014

When Our Ship Comes In

You may remember that early last month we flew back to Canada and packed up some of our stuff to sent to Ecuador. Since then, we've been waiting patiently as our goods bobbed slowly (or quickly, I have no idea how long it takes the average boat to get from Canada to Ecuador) towards Guayaquil. We tracked it's progress on a shipping container tracking site, but it only gave us the most basic of information; like following a courier package. However, it seems that our little orange container has arrived in port and is waiting for the required paperwork and then the inspection.

It feels a bit like a poorly written soap opera (imagine Stone Phillips narrating):

     "Will Danica and Ron's container clear customs?"
     "Did the bulkhead hold and are the contents safe?"
     "Will everything survive the ride over the mountains, once repacked?"
     "Is the paperwork all in order?" (This is heavily on me, as I listed all the items on the weigh bill...which makes me even more stressed.)

Cue the sounds effect: Da-duhn-dah!!!

So much to worry about, but seriously, it's only stuff, right??? This is what I keep telling myself as I wait with bated breathe. We went to the lawyer's and Notary's yesterday to sign paperwork that will allow our shipping agent to act on our behalf to receive the items and spirit them away to our fair city of Cuenca. We paid extra to have her fly here, instead of us going to Guayaquil, a city that we don't really care for, despite the tropical temperatures and a park with iguanas running free. (What's not to love about that?)

We'll give you an update once everything plays out. We're hoping to have our stuff delivered next Wednesday or so...keep your fingers crossed for us! Word is that our paper work is in order and the inspection went well...can't wait to see how everything survived!


  1. Hope everything goes smoothly for you and your 'stuff'.

    1. Thanks, Maurice! All's well at least nothing sounds like it has broken glass in it!