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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

We Remember

Today is a day of remembrance and reflection. We remember those who bravely faced the guns of enemies and fought for freedom for their countries and families. We remember those who have come home; bodies and minds broken from what they have witnessed and done in the pursuit of liberty. We remember those who have sacrificed family members and ways of life for the betterment of others and we shed a tear for the necessity of war.

Today, I read that war is an affront to humanity; counter intuitive to life and justice, but yet we go to war, with bold hearts and steadfast belief. I wish most heartily and profoundly that peace comes, that we can live and let live, that the balance of prosperity levels and we can all rest from our pursuit of equality, fairness and safety.

I thank those who have served their countries and I thank the families for their support and sacrifice. Lastly I pray for peace. I pray that people can cease to judge and seek to understand. I pray that goodness and kindness are stronger than bombs and that hate dissipates into a mystery of the past.

Lest we forget

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