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Friday, April 3, 2015

Son of a Water Leak...the Sequel

We had a little gathering at our place, for people who hadn't seen the new digs and it was actually quite successful. It was really neat to hear both English and Spanish drifting through the apartment and watching the expats working their Spanish skills with the Ecuadorians. The food came out well, for the most part, and it seemed like everyone had a really good time.
Marinated cheese with plum tomatoes
Quinoa salad in fajita shell cups
Tapas platter
Overview: stuffed mushroom caps are missing
We saw the guests off safely and cleaned up the mess and had just settled in to enjoy the rest of the evening when we heard water gushing. We both thought the other was in the other washroom running a tap...but no, rather quickly we figured out that something was horribly wrong. The water line to our toilet in the social bathroom had broken. Of course, that line is the only one that didn't have a proper shut off valve, so we had to go out and turn off the main water valve. By the time we'd taken care of that we still had to mop up a lake of water. At least the floor isn't perfectly level, so that the water stayed in a puddle that ran from the dining room, through the living room and in to the office. Gratefully, it kept away from the wood floors in the bedrooms. There was enough water that we used the dust pan to scoop it up and put it in the mop pail and then got the rest with mops, towels and four bed sheets. There's no pictures as the situation didn't warrant the time it would have taken.

The water line was apparently overly-tightened and snapped from the pressure & we're talking the metal threaded attachment, not the plastic tube! (Boooo!) We're hoping that this is the last of the water problems. I can't decide if it's the third issue or fourth...if you don't have water, is that considered a water problem???

Fortunately the part has been replaced, our carpet is laying flat and we're back to two bathrooms. Fingers crossed that that's the last of our water troubles. (Thanks heavens for yummy food!)
Scones with dried fruit

Fruit plate!


  1. Wow Danica, you put on a great spread, looks like something out of a magazine.

    Hopefully that is the last of your water problems, I guess like anything new, sometimes the bugs have to be worked out. I have never been a fan of plastic pipes with compression fittings, either their not tight enough and pop out or too tight and break, I have only had experience just with the supply tubes, so regular plastic pipes may be different, I think I would glue all joints, if possible.

  2. Thanks as always, hopalongtom! The metal part with the threads that attach to the source actually split. The plumber had never seen anything like it before...of course! The food wasn't too bad, we finished off the left overs in two days (except for the scones and muffins, which we froze.)