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Monday, June 15, 2015

Wow! We Have an Answer to the "Why Ecuador?" Question

If finally came to us...just today...a good answer for the dreaded "Why Ecuador?" question. Usually we say things like "why not?" or "seemed like a good idea at the time". But today was the day when we found a logical, pleasing and fairly unarguable reason to love Ecuador. It's super easy to stay healthy. Right? Who can argue with that?
Not lookin' too bad, right?
The weather is, at the very least, acceptable for outdoor activity all year round. There are lots of walking paths, parks with exercise equipment, free bikes on Sunday mornings, cheap and plentiful gyms. (We currently pay a dollar each per visit to the local gym.) Add to this the amazing places to hike in Las Cajas and the other neat places around Cuenca makes this an ideal place to retire and keep ourselves fairly fit.
Parque Paraiso (exercise equipment & great paths)

Tomebamba River - multi-use path along side
Yes, it's safe. (That's the other question we get a lot. Why would anyone move somewhere that they didn't feel was safe?) We walk almost everywhere, including toting our groceries home. The cost of living is manageable. Sure you have to learn Spanish and adjust to a simpler diet, but the other health benefits outweigh all that. By the way, living at higher altitudes requires that you eat a bit more carbs and sugars to help oxygenate the blood...that's just a little bonus. It doesn't hit my hips like it did at sea level. (YAY!)
Las Cajas - Endless pathways

So there you have it...we're here for a healthier life!

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