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Friday, July 1, 2016

Canada Day - What a difference a year makes

It's no secret that I'm glad to be from Canada. Every year on Canada Day I take stock of what that means to me. True, the past several years have been hard on us liberal thinkers. Our administration didn't represent my own clear definition of what it is to be Canadian: tolerant, humble(ish), giving and considerate. Well, it's a been quite a year. We have said no to fear mongering and intolerance and have stepped back into the sun.
Lord knows that Justin Trudeau won't do everything right, nobody does, but at least he's trying to regain our national dignity. He's got his haters, he's limited by the parameters of our political and legal system, but at least the world is excited to see Canada back at the table. We are leading again, not hiding behind walls and fear.

 Part of President Obama's address to our Parliament:

Like I said, I'm glad to be Canadian, and perhaps we needed Mr. Harper to remind us of what was important to us and what we wouldn't stand for and I suppose, for that, we should be grateful. I just hope that we can stand as a beacon for those fractured, broken and scared societies that are sequestering themselves from the world. We're proof that there is a way back; that we can love our neighbours and that by helping others we actually help ourselves.

So here's to toques, hockey, maple syrup, Nanaimo bars, Caesar's, poutine and strong beer. Happy Canada Day!


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