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Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Little Blog that Could

The very first picture on this blog
When I first started this blog, it was kind of an exercise in vanity as well as an easy way to keep our family and friends up to speed with what we were up to. We had moved more than 6,000 kilometres away and this was our equivalent to the annual Christmas letter.

Our one time home
That was over 6 years ago and my little blog has expanded into something bigger. It's a place for wannabe expats and first time travelers to get info, as well as a glimpse into the lives of people living abroad, and a place for the fam to see what's going on, where we are and, occasionally, to see what we look like.  (Not to mention, a place to shamelessly flog my books!)
A rare sighting of the black jacketed
Well, as of today, I've had hits from 99 countries (6 of the seven continents)...who knows where the 100th is going to be from! I'm slowly sliding towards 40,000 hits (less than a thousand to go) and am hoping to get there before year end. By no means is this a wildly successful blog, but for what it is, it's doing pretty well.

Home, for now
Despite the world upheaval, some people just want to get a little  peak at someone else's life and we're happy to oblige, no matter how dull it seems in the heat of the moment.

My forever home
So here's to the 100th county, whomever you will be and to the 40,000 reader. Here's to all of you who got us this far and to whatever lies in the future. 

Thank you!


  1. Hard to believe its been 6 years, always enjoy seeing if you have posted anything new. (even though I may not comment all the time)

    Hope you reach your 40K hits by year end, and adding the extra country as well.
    I was going to sign on to a Latvian server, but thought that's just cheating.

    1. Actually, I think Latvia is already on our list. I'm having problems coming up with a country that isn't...perhaps North Korea???

    2. North Korea would be too risky especially with the NSA watching.