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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Avast Ye Trolls!

On Facebook today, I came across a post that showed this little blog hit 24,000 two years ago. I was quite pleased. This year I envisioned achieving 40,000 hits. Little could I guess...

Today, my hits are at 45,972, yes, almost double in only two years after having the blog for 6 years. Am I so marvelous? Sadly, no. This is the result of web crawlers. I'm hitting over 200 page views everyday. It started with Russia and spread to the US and now France is in on the deal.

I believe it started when I linked to the last expat interview that I participated in. The hits have come crashing in, but they don't really count. The only thing that might help is that it may move me up the results chain when someone looks for "textured wallpaper" or "the Great Barrier Reef".

I expect I'll hit close to 46,500 by the end of the year, but it feels hollow. So, go away trollers, and let the real people of the world enjoy or ignore my little blog as they see fit.

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