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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Over the Hill (and through the woods)!

If you can stand it, I have another cake to blog about.  This is my last one for a while, so you'll get a bit of relief from the cake-fest.  (But be warned, there is another bathroom update pending!)  The principle of the cake is climbing a hill and the path is strewn with items that represent stages in our lives.  Here are the photos of our most recent creation:

Middle I come!

Partying leads to...

...unexpected surprises!

Oops, the last steps a doozy!

The cane is hooked in to the back like someone slipped over the edge. and tried to save themselves.  (I thought it was funny)  I even had little crumbs from the pathway on the base in the back, like too many people flirted with the edge. of the cliff.  It was fun to make all the little add-ons, but of course I thought of tons of clever things the night before the cake was to be delivered (and therefore, completed).  It was a chocolate mocha cake with Oreo cookies and cream filling and mocha buttercream.  YUMMY (if I do say so myself)!!!


  1. All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Terrific idea for a cake, it looks great.
    Have you a company name?, you should do a business website with your ideas.

  3. I thought I'd invented it, but there are other cakes like that on the web, but they don't have the little items strewn all over the path. We have a name in mind, but we're still trying to determine if we can make any money. Average price that people would be willing to pay for that cake is $40 and supplies cost me $30-$35, not to mention the time it takes, energy etc. We're thinking of "Take the Cake"...any thoughts?

  4. Take the Cake isnt bad at all, I tried to think of some more, but most are corny.Interesting about the price, here you have to pay $20-$25 for just a small 6" bakery cake, nothing special, or $30-$35 for a larger version.