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Saturday, May 28, 2011

And So Comes the Spring!

Well, most of you will be at least mildly satisfied to know that our spring here has been much the same as the spring in the Lower Mainland.  We have had a few nice days that just whet the appetite, but for the most part it has been cool and rainy.

Despite the poor weather Ron and I are planning outdoor home improvements.  We've procured a patio set and barbeque and have plans for prettying up both decks.  We've had a few run ins with horrible little black flies that bite and cause weird marks with a red centre and pink around the outside.  The bites itch for weeks...not pleasant, but I think we'll invest in a bug repellent something or other (suggestions are more than welcome).  I'm in the midst of planting a nice little herb container garden for the back porch, so we can have fresh herbs at least for the summer and the back yard is looking quite smart, freshly mown, despite the pervasive dandelions.  (Ron and I have decided that they're pretty instead of trying to eradicate them.)  Here are some photos:

We are going to post final pictures of our bathroom, as we have it all accessorized, but are having problems finding the right time of day to get photos, but here are some teasers.

A place to dry your toes.

66 inches of soaking room.


I'm slowly editing the first draft of my novel, I might post a bit just to get some feed back.  I have secured a critic (no, not a professional one) to have a read, but I think additional input will be good.  I have an idea for another story, but am not sure whether it's something that can be played out in a novel or just a short story.  I have to finish the first one before I worry about the second one, anyway.
We'll be having visitors at the end of July which is quite exciting and hope that some others get a chance to come out (even though I know there's a hundred more interesting places that the cost of the airfare could take you!)  We offer good hospitality and a nice peaceful place to de-stress - with the added benefit of LOBSTER.  Yummy!  (Sorry, 'Chelle, I know you can't have any...)

Be well and know that you're in our thoughts!

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  1. Nice place to dry your toes!

    Would love to visit but that isn't likely.....3 very large dogs do restrict ones accommodation and means of travel. When I win the Lotto and can have my $500,000 motor home, then we can explore....Lucky I love my life where I live so I don't feel penalized....wouldn't trade the pups for travel.