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Friday, July 1, 2011

Spring in to Summer! (?)

Okay, I admit that the title of this installation sounds like a bad department store flyer premise, but it was the best I could come up with!

We woke to another misty morning which presages a fairly decent day.  It gives an eerie sense of calm and isolation which is both comforting and disconcerting.

We've been forced to patiently wait for spring to arrive and I'm horrified to realize that June is coming to an end and I've only updated the blog once this month. 

Our garden is a voyage of discovery, we're slowly finding out what all the buds actually are and enjoying the little surprises.  The weather seems to finally be reaching some sort of summer-like temperatures, but we've experienced the coldest wettest Spring in who knows how many years here.  (Much like all you "Wet" Coasters! Oh, come on,  you know that what everyone call it!)

Due to the weather progress on the house has stalled.  Ron works on things whenever he gets some good weather, but by then the grass needs mowing again and the regular chores need to get done.  We have no news on the cake front...but we haven't even attempted to advertise, so what can one expect?

We are experiencing an influx of adorable golden finches and have purchased specific bird seed to entice them in to your yard and we've also invested in a hummingbird feeder.  It was successful, but the hummingbirds seem to have fled our property.  Additionally on the wildlife front, Ron has been matching wits with a wily raccoon (nicked named Rocky, of course - an homage to the Beatles!)  He's not around all the time, but we don't want him getting any ideas about a cozy winter nest in our lovely home.  I was, I want to say yelled at, but it's not quite right...thrummed at by a hummingbird yesterday.  I was at the front of the house checking out the garden and he hovered at face level just out of arms reach, staring directly at was the most interesting thing.

Happy Canada Day to all of you!  We're hoping that you get a sunny beautiful weekend.

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  1. Nice pictures of the flowers.

    I'm having the same trouble as Ron, I had hoped to finish off a lot of painting by June, but I've hardly made a dent.