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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Blossoms and Dreams - the life of an expat BCer

You may (or may not) be wondering if Ron and I have fallen off the face of the earth, considering the time between blogs and news of any interest (no matter how slight).  We are still here, obviously, as you're reading my words, but we've been having a pretty quiet time of it lately.  As I mentioned on Facebook, it's been a weird week, we've lost a dear friend, Sue, and have gained a new great nephew, Corbin.  Being here in farm country the circle of life (yes, cue Elton John) seems somehow far more apparent and in a strange way it provides a sense of peace.  To everything there is a season and I think we are both okay with that.

Of course, the house is hockey mad!  Ron's stayed up as late as 2am to see our boys play and as we've reached the final round, even I am staying up to watch with much trepidation and high hopes.  I'd wish the guys well, but I've found that I'm extremely superstitious around hockey and just can't bring myself to do anything that might infringe on the mojo.  (I can hear Ron laughing at me right now!)

The branch participated in Relay for Life (much like the 24 Hour Relay, back home and we had a good time of it despite the weather, as we were prepared!)  Here's some of the girls getting ready to go out and walk the track:

 Don't ask me who found the umbrella hats, but we had a grand time walking the track in the drizzle fully protected and looking very "Jane Fonda" what with the white head bands and all.

Ron and I have been spending time (& money, of course) out in the garden.  He's trimmed back an old lilac so that you can see the house better from the road and we've planted lovely golden spirea underneath for colour.  We've also planted to juniper trees flanking the front porch.  (They grow very tall and narrow, so should be quite striking when they grow up.)  The trees have bloomed out and leafed it seems overnight  and I feel obligated to load up some more pictures just because everything is so lovely and such a nice surprise!

We have THREE lilac bushes & how I love them!

Can't remember what this is called, but it's lovely.

Apple blossoms...we'll have apples coming out of our ears!

Columbine, just sprouting haphazardly.

One of my favourite trees.  It has a lovely shape.

No idea what this is either, but we saw one at the garden store.

Another favourite tree - a very old apple tree.  I'm not sure how long it will be with us.

Would be quite picturesque without the satellite dish. (Back porch)
No, the house isn't white, it's pale yellow, but it was an overcast day and it washes any colour out of the siding.  Ron's skill set is ever improving.  He helped a friend build an addition on to his garage last week and came home cut and bug bitten, but feeling good.  Soon we'll tackle our porches - a daunting task to be sure, but one we can work at together.

Speaking of circle of life and nature, I'm off to cook up another batch of Humphrey the steer, who gave his life so that Ron and I might eat.  I hope that doesn't seem too irreverent, but I just can't seem to help myself!

Be well and know, as always, that we are thinking of you, especially you Sue Birch, you are loved and missed.

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