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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fall is coming...

They say pride goeth before the fall, but that's not the fall I'm talking about.  I'm talking, AUTUMN!  I know, I know, it's a dirty word, especially after the abbreviated summer that some of us have experienced, but tide, time and seasons wait for no man (or woman for that matter).  We're trying to get the house winter ready, which involves all sorts of industrious home repairs...window sills to be replaced and weather proofed, doors to be re-weather stripped, better curtains to be found, to cut down on the nasty nor'easterly winds etc. 

We've been quite pleased with our geothermal heating, as we're averaging (over the last 9 months) about $225 on heating and electrical, which is impressive given the fact that electricity is 3 times what you would pay in BC per kWh.  Be that as it may, there are always improvements to be made and maintenance to be conducted.  Ron spent 3 hours last weekend dumping out our two water tanks to clear them of any sediment which purportedly stretches out their life span by another ten years or so.  Because of the geothermal, we have two 60 gallon water tanks, so it took some time in doing.

We've tried to climb back on the workout band wagon and went for a 8.5km run (well, I had to walk some of it) this morning.  It was a fairly good day, as it's not too hot, but we did find ourselves running against the wind on a few occasions which made it a harder go.

My cake orders have fallen off once again and I'm starting to think about logos and such. shang-haied my URL and they want over $30,000 for it.  (Cheeky devils!)  I think I can secure fairly cheaply, but that begs the question, what if we move?  Oh, I know...we never move!  (HA!)  The last tenants of this house were here only three years, but I'm still not certain that we'll break their record.  It's hard for both of us to imagine staying in one place longer than that, even though we managed to in the 90's, but the kids were little then.  The longest I've ever lived in one location is with my sister and that was for almost 8 years.  (I'm sure she thinks it was longer!)

Ron took pictures of the machine that makes the giant marshmallow shaped hay bales, so I thought I'd throw those in for fun and I made fish tacos a couple of weeks back & thought I'd throw in a picture of those as well.  (Too bad the cabbage wasn't a darker green, but the chipotle salsa was fairly tasty (HOT!) and the Mexican cream sauce made it go down quite well.  We used tilapia for the fish, but the batter could have been crispier - maybe my oil wasn't hot enough.  Live and learn.

The back hinges open and spits out the bale of hay.

Our farmer is old school - if it runs, why buy something new?

Not as pretty as I had hoped, but fairly tasty!
That's it from PEI this time.  I've added a flavours page to the cake blog, if any one's interested!  Be well, all of you and congratulations Tom & Michelle on your 30th wedding anniversary!

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