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Monday, August 22, 2011

Hey, hay! And Yet Another Cake!

For those of you in doubt of the fact that your urban friends actually live amongst fields etc, here are some photos to prove our rurality.  (Okay, I know that isn't really a word, but it makes sense to me!  Spell check certainly doesn't like it.)

Yes, those are actual hay bales, right by our house!  The farmer came by and mowed his field (the tractor breaking down after just a pass or two - not a John Deere, I must point out) and, several days later, returned, got the thing running and completed the task.  This was followed by a squarish trailer attachment  that sucked up the grass, bundled it and spat out round bales, reminding me of a large metal rabbit.  (Too graphic??)

This picture is just a showy-offy picture of a summer sunset, right from our driveway - yes that's a hay bale on the left side.  Indeed, we've had moments where it seemed like summer was almost real!  Imagine!  Here is the Casablanca lily I was bragging of earlier:

My shadow...aren't I clever?  Oh well, the flower is pretty.
Last but not least, our kitchen has birthed yet another cake, this one for a 50th wedding anniversary.  (I'm sure you would have gotten it without the description, but there you have it, none the less!)  Making the bow almost did me in, but I prevailed...apparently it was so warm out that one of the hearts slid down the side of the cake.  Stupid humidity.  When you hear them complaining on those cake shows about heat and moisture, they aren't kidding!
Front (obviously)


One side (the other looks basically exactly the same)
Will update you soon on any interesting happenings here on our sleepy little island!

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