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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Oh, How Novel!

I know that my posts are getting fewer and farther between, but let's face it time and distance make forgetting easy and life has a way of filling up free time, like sand fills up a flipped hour glass.  I can tell by my traffic reports that this blog sees fewer and fewer visitors (except of course for the random people who look up things like: "Textured wall paper in a living room" or "Stories about squirrels", or even the random "Humphrey the cow".  (Don't think those things don't happen...I have the proof!)  Please don't take that poorly, I understand that we are all busy and have better things to you can tell by my (in)frequency of posting!

Anyhow, our lives here are finally coming to some sort of normal keel and there's less to do in the house and less discoveries to share.  I did however learn that "a well cooked meal" here means it literally, at least for the country folk.  They like their meat firm (very firm) and their veggies soft.  I guess there's something new to learn at every corner.

Driving home from Charlottetown.

You may be wondering, if you've taken the time to look this up, what's going on in the old Robertson homestead.  As you can see by our survey, we're thinking of trying to start a little side business of a dessert truck/cart and are trying to develop a business plan etc.  I'm also working on the logo for the cake business so that we can start advertising and perhaps get a proper website up and running.  I'm also trying to get my novel published (hence the title of this installment), but you either have to shell out cash for a POD (printing on demand) self publishing company which may or may not be entirely reliable, or you have to flog yourself to the publishers.  I've found a likely one, but I have to write a curriculum vitae, a synopsis, get a sample of my book together (formatted correctly) and other sundry tasks that make it rather daunting knowing full well that I'm far more likely to get a rejection slip than and acceptance letter.  (Did you hear my big sigh, all the way over on the West Coast?)    Here's a sort of concept for my front cover ( just the idea, not the actual picture, as I don't have rights to it:

I'm also trying to get to writing something new, which with everything else (work included) seems to be almost impossible.  Ron continues his epic adventure in basement insulation.  We've come to call it his "man cave" & it's probably the most literal description of such a thing as is possible.  (Considering it's a dirt basement that tends to flood in heavy rain!)  I can't envision a big screen TV down there.

The weather is finally turning, even though it's milder than normal, the winds are picking up and we are awaiting the first big snows.  We keep hoping that they won't come until later, like last year.  For you westies, the light here is very different, particularly in the spring and fall.  I can't quite pin down the how or why of it, but it's strictly "East  Coast".  There's something about it that is very moving.  I continue to drive around marvelling at how beautiful this place is; around every corner and over every rise.  It's not marred with huge strip malls, billboards or massive commercial buildings.  I hope that the locals appreciate what they have here.  (Excluding you, Noella...I know how you love this place!)

Vote while you have the chance about our little side business, we really want to know if you think we have it in us.  Until next time, be well, happy and good to each other.  We miss you.

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  1. Finally another post, I check at least once a week in case there is something new. The front cover looks good, maybe you can get the rights to use it. We had our first snow before you (I think), the next one is due tomrrow morning, but should change to rain ( typical vancouver ).