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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Off to the Big City!

No pictures this time crew, but I've been off on a shopping expedition to the big city of Halifax.  Some girls from work and I all piled in to a minivan and trekked off in the wee smalls of morning (well, you know me...we didn't leave until 8;30 or so).  It's a three hour drive to Dartmouth, where the malls are, so we shopped until we dropped grabbed a bite and then turned around and came home again.  Most of you know that I'm an impulse shopper and I really don't know what I need until I see it, but to go on a preplanned shopping extravaganza is completely new to me.  (I guess I've never lived far enough from a shopping mecca before.)  As most of you also know, we're now on a fixed income, so I was quite restrained...honestly I probably could have easily spent over a $1000, but I didn't.  (I did get a little crazy at the M.A.C. counter, but I don't usually spend a lot on makeup.)

My travel companions made out like bandits, as they have experience with this sort of blitz shopping attack.  It made for a long day, as I didn't get home until 10.  (Thanks Tracey for getting us back in a safe & yet timely manner!)

It's currently snowing, even though the weather forecast says it doesn't expect any precipitation between Saturday and Sunday morning.  Pretty typical for this time of year, I don't think anyone knows what the heck is going on weather-wise.  That being said I have a weekend filled with good deeds and volunteer-ism.  I'm helping out a friend who is helping out the Salvation Army, so will be manning a Christmas kettle at the liquor store.  (Well, if you have to do it, isn't that a good place to be???) And tomorrow, I have the Kensington Christmas parade to participate in, plus I'm making some treats for the staff Christmas party, but don't tell any of the staff, as it's supposed to be a surprise.  (It's a joint effort, I can't take all the credit!)

We have yet to set up Christmas in the house.  Everyone is talking about their garlands on the fire place, sparkling lights, trees and stockings hung by the chimney with care and I have one little beaded tree sitting on the wine cabinet and one, erroneously placed, in a vase on the dining table, but nothing else.  I may not get to it until next weekend, as this weekend seems quite busy.  Of course, Mr. Scrooge, who also resides here, would be more than happy to skip the entire thing and proceed directly to 2012, do not pass go, do not get a stocking from Santa.  (& you all thought retirement would soften him up!)

We have another installment of Ron vs. the Squirrel.  "Persephone" seems to being living somewhere between the floor boards and Ron is having a Wile E. Coyote moment trying to keep the critter out of the house.  A couple of hundred of dollars worth of supplies later (no, not from the ACME company...I draw the line there, no dynamite for us!) and we think that he has successfully managed to close off any entry ways in to the house.  (Of course, we can't prove it entirely as it's hard to keep track of a squirrel that seems chronically addicted to speed - perhaps a stint in rehab might get it thinking about what it's done (or doing) to our house.)


Sure, they're cute, but not scrambling up the inside of our walls!  They also have a blatant disregard for authority, refuse to pay rent and are known to enjoy chewing on all things electrical - including wiring, none of which as endearing not matter how adorably they gnaw on little pine cones, fallen apples or purloined bird seed.  This particular squirrel seems to have a deathly hate of peanut butter (another reason not to trust it!) and refuses to be caught in our nice humane live trap.  In layman's terms "It is on!"  So far: human's score 3 (from earlier in the year) & squirrel's 1.

Breaking News!!! 

Well an update really...we have not closed off all the access points, but we now know where it's getting in and once the little rotter comes out, we can seal up the house, once and for all.  (Cue the evil laughter!)  Such are the life and times of the Robertsons of Freetown.  Ah, the country life.  I will update you on the progress of all things Christmas in the land of Leaning Poplars, bu until then, be well and happy and know that our thoughts and hearts are with you!

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