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Sunday, January 29, 2012

And This Cake Makes Nine

Finished Product
Here they are, photos of my latest cake, a combo job for a big promotion and birthday (the couple lives in Nova Scotia, but are having a going away party here on the Island, with family).  I went a bit over board with the decorations, but I had the time and inclination, and I just don't want anything leaving here, that doesn't have some sort of "wow" to it.  I've got a couple of more cake orders coming up in the fairly near future and I live in fear of someone wanting a cake the same weekend as someone else.  We just don't have the capacity for that sort of thing, but I'd hate to say "no" to someone, just as the business is getting started.
Looks like a hot mess, doesn't it?

"Inside beauty is important, but not as important as outside beauty." - Ellen Degeneres (it's a joke, people!)

Other Side of the Road.  (The chicken crossed to get to Toronto)

Anyhow, we finally have some snow again, over ice which is floating magically above water...don't ask me how, we've been having some truly weird weather.  We were supposed to have some folks over for a bit of a get together, but we thought the driveway might be complete goop, so we bumped it until next weekend.  (Fingers crossed, it looks like there's a bit of snow in the forecast over the next week.)  Life is pretty quiet lately, we went to Charlottetown last weekend, just because we could, but have stuck fairly close to home, except for work.  Work on the house is in limbo, as we're afraid to open up floors etc on the lower level, in case the weather gets bad.  We are also waiting for the snow that we had last year, but perhaps it's not to be.  Every day closer to March gives us hope that we might "get away with" an easy winter.  Time will tell.  (No photos, we'll wait until it gets prettier - too much puddles and ice.)

Hope you are all well, I'm off to take a seat after my cake making weekend.  Stay in touch!

Peggy's Cove - gratuitous, I know

1 comment:

  1. What a talented lady you are....and patient!

    I know it tastes every bit as good as it looks.

    Did you check for Ron's fingerprints on it? Have you made him a cake yet?

    Enjoy your gentle winter! We are just floating around in puddles as usual.

    Can't wait to see the next cakes1