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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Enter Old Man Winter

I have to say that OMW is a kinder, gentler man this year.  He came with soft flakes and little bluster, coating our property in a veil of white and shine that makes you happy to see him.  It was cold this morning, -24 or something like that, but it made the trees branches all white with ice crystals that shone in the rising sun.  Truly breathtaking.

Very perversely, now that I've waxed poetic about the sun etc, it's begun to snow even though the weather forecast states "we don't expect any precipitation between now and Sunday morning". 

I'm having a small party for my work peeps.  I've made a lovely cake called "Raspberry Charlotte" that involves a chocolate genoise cake, alcohol (Grand Marnier, to be specific), and a frothy whipped cream/raspberry pure filling.  I'm now about to attempt a chocolate "filigree" border...wish me luck, if it's successful I'll post pictures at some point.  Now I'm off to complete the cake and get myself purtied up before the guests arrive.  (Oh and complete all the other little dished I have planned - carrot and beet salad, broiled asparagus and risotto.  Some folks haven't tried risotto yet, so I'm hoping it turns out well.)  Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend and knows that we're thinking of you, as always.


  1. Hope It was all great. I want the recipe for the cake and raspberry puree filling, please. Collette

  2. Great pictures, I remember how the trees sparkled with the ice on them in the sun when I first went up to Fort St John 8 years ago. Even though I hate the cold it was beautiful.