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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Naughtiness and Giggles

As most of you know, I held a little soiree for the work peeps a couple of weeks ago.  What you may not know is that a co-worker, of British origin, had a bit of fun with the Islanders.  As the fete was pot luck, Paul (Brit by birth) offered to bring "spotted dick".  Now, some people will know that spotted dick is a pudding dessert (with raisins - hence the spotted part), but others may just think he's being a smart ass (or smarty pants for the  "G" crowd)...and that would also be true.  (Even he would admit it.)  With time pressing, he wasn't able to actually make spotted dick, but his ingenious wife, Elaine, came up with a solution.  I only have one picture, but here it is (followed by photos of the aforementioned raspberry Charlotte cake):

If this happens to you...go to the doctor immediately!

My piping needs work, but I do practice.

Not much left...must have been the Gran Marnier.

I've been in a bit of what I've been calling "cake-maggedon".  I agreed to make a cake for a repeat customer and she asked if I could do a dog.  Well, I've made a car and rolling hills, so why not a dog?  Of course, I said "yes".  Well, making a dog cake isn't all that easy, no matter how much you think it out.  Thank heaven's I could call on Ron's sculpting experience, as he helped shape the dog's body and he helped with blending the fur in etc.  It went better than I thought, even though I think we could improve on certain things.  (Don't I always say that???)  Working as a team, we got it done and here are some pictures to prove it.  (Please note that Owen, the dog, isn't as fat as his cake, but who wants a skinny cake?  His neck isn't as thick, either, but that's another accommodation for the medium.  Who knew that rice crispy treats were heavier than cake?)

We've had a lovely dinner of roasted trout, black rice (seriously, I can't recommend it enough, black rice is phenomenal!) with red peppers and asparagus.

Ron and I spent last weekend in Halifax, celebrating our 17th wedding anniversary.  We ate until we were ready to explode (have I mentioned that we miss eating out?).  I think the last time we went out for dinner is when we were in Vancouver in October.  Mind boggling to those West Coasters who know us well!  Any how, Halifax is a lovely little city that reminds us a bit of Victoria.  We had to commute home after a storm, but we made it home safely (obviously) and have settled back in to the little red Island, which we call home.  There are times when we miss Vancouver, almost painfully and others that we can't imagine living any where else but here.  This is our life here on the Gentle Island and, as always, we look to the future and wonder what it holds.  Be well, all of you.  Know you're loved and missed.  (PS, our current favourite Canadian TV show is "Republic of Doyle", has anyone else out there watched it???)


  1. Hi you two!
    I just finished dinner and you have made me crave dessert and I have nothing resembling your Charlotte cake which I would love right now! Love the replacement spotted Dick!! And the dog is sensational!! Talented woman, you are.
    Sounds like a great anniversary!
    It is fabulous how you have both embraced PEI and the life you have there...sounds pretty wonderful!
    We are busy cleaning up our property from the downed branches and left over leaves. I have so many bulbs up everywhere, Snow drops are all in bloom and the daffodils all have heads ready to burst. Of course it is raining ongoing with bits of sun here and there.
    Keep posting...I love reading your blog.

  2. Fantastic Cake, you should charge $200.