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Sunday, May 6, 2012

"May" the Good Weather Arrive!

Alright, I admit, that's a bit of a groaner, but the weather has been a bit of a tease lately.  Sure it's been sunny, but when you step out the door the breeze comes up and it feels chilly.  We (probably prematurely) brought out the patio furniture, but have only been able to enjoy it a couple of times.  (One of those being yesterday morning, when we sat out enjoying our morning coffee.  (Nothing is better than looking out over our backyard, enjoying the peace of nature in the warm sunshine.) 

We've headed back to the gym and have managed to keep a decent schedule for the first week, but my muscles are definitely protesting.  Today my ribs and abs are complaining, but I guess I deserve it.  I'm plowing ahead on my book, hoping to have it in a real print version by my birthday.  (I'll be counting on all of you to help spread the word to everyone you know (and hopefully everyone they know & so on) that there's a half decent book out there that might be worth a look, but I'll call those favours in once I'm happy with the product.

Lobster season has started and Ron and I are looking forward to our first taste next weekend and we're counting down to our trip to St. John's where I'm hoping to get back to work on my next book, between iceberg & whale sitings.   Ron has started on the downstairs bathroom, so we're looking forward to having that done, so we can get to work on the living room floor before fall sets in.  Such are the demands of home ownership, especially for a 100+ year old house.  Every project gets us a bit closer to being done even if the list seems to expand without us looking every once in a while.  (Isn't that always the way???)  Soon I'll be able to post pictures of the back yard in bloom again.  The little golden finches are back, along with the Red Winged & Brewer blackbirds.  We get the Mourning Doves and Stellar Blue jays all year round, but it all makes for a happy bird sanctuary when we look out our window.

We hope that this finds you well and to come, once the flowers are out!

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