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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Banner Weekend

It's finally happened, Spring has shown itself in all it's glory.  No intermittent ice pellets or snow, just crisp mornings with frost hiding in the shadows and the sun rising slowly up from the horizon, warming the ground.  We had a fantastic weekend last week.  It started on Friday, when we fired up the barbeque for the first time this year.  It wasn't warm enough to eat out, but the promise of summer comes in the taste of coals and grilling.  The next day was warm enough that we had our first ice-cream from one of the local dairy bars (seeing an open dairy bar, is like seeing the first means the winter has broken and warmer weather is soon to come) and we even sat out on our back porch for lunch and to read for a while. (I even got a bit pink...imagine that!)  On Sunday, we went out for a nice bike ride before the clouds started drifting in.  It doesn't really get much better than that, but it did!  Our little yellow finches have returned and it won't be long before the hummingbirds show up as well.  Our little piece of land is an avian nirvana, apparently and we both enjoy watching the bird life.

This weekend looks a little less idyllic.  The clouds have already started rolling in and the wind is blowing strongly, making it difficult to enjoy coffee on the back deck, not that we didn't try for a little while, when the sun was out in fully force.  It's supposed to rain tomorrow, so I imagine we'll have a day of movies or reading, which is a nice way to spend a stormy day.  I hope anyone who is reading this gets to enjoy a banner weekend soon (if not already) and just remember, summer is on it's way.  Soon it will be time for the mosquito netting and outdoor dinners, coffee on the back porch basking in the sun and the odd game of croquet and bacci.  Bring it on!  We're ready!

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