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Saturday, June 23, 2012

How the Cake was Done!

I thought our Newfoundland odyssey was an adventure, but nothing like making a wedding cake. Just to give you an idea of the undertaking, I'll give you some stats:
5 pounds of butter, 8 pounds of icing sugar, a baker's of egg white, two cups of coffee, 4 cups of water (2 hot, 2 cold) 2 cups of cocoa, heaps of sugar, glycerin, white corn syrup, a little vegetable shortening, 1.5 litres of whip cream, two packages of cookies and 15+ hours of work
This created 6 cakes, 10 pounds of fondant, 18 cups of butter cream & 12 cups of filling. All we had to do is put it all together. (How hard can that be?)

Start with chocolate/vanilla marble cake (six of them, one of each size cut in half
- that makes 3 tiers with three layers each)

Two five pound batches of fondant

One very large bowl of buttercream.

First layer, ringed in buttercream, just waiting for filling.
Add cookies and cream filling

Next layer...make sure it's level.

And repeat (you'll hear a lot of that)

Repeat the previous steps and then coat the whole thing with buttercream.

And repeat!
One more layer of buttercream and then roll out the fondant.

And repeat

And repeat!
Dowels to support the upper layers and ensure the cake doesn't crush.

Add the glue (royal icing)

And stack.


Decorate - add bands to cover the joints and "bunting"

A personal little touch - the bride and groom's first name initials.

Add flowers and VOILA!
Sorry about the picture, I took it a little bit to the side in the press to get out of the resort kitchen.  See how easy that was?  (Three days later!)  I won't even bring up the 50 kilometre drive to get it to the resort.  There was only a minor incident, which is barely worth mentioning, except it adds drama to the story.  Ron and I are wishing the happy couple a wonderful journey together.  (I also hope that they love the cake!) The resort staff had a bit of a taste when we added the flowers and they seemed to enjoy it.  That's it from our little Island for now.


  1. WOW!! This cake is absolutely stunning! I bet it tastes as good as it looks.

    1. Thanks
      Yes it did taste as good as it looks!
      Danica is getting quite proficient at this cake thing. I still help but she is the main creator.

  2. Fabulous cake, Danica.

  3. Amazing cake, how many people was this for ?
    Is that an actual cake level ?

    1. This cake was for 110 people (I think it would feed almost 150) and yes...that's an official cake level. (Well at least bought specifically for that purpose - no cross contamination etc.)