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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Many Thanks!

I really appreciate all of you who weighed in on the whole book synopsis.  I pared it down quite a bit and am still fine tuning the passage.  I was looking at books today and (of course) reading the back covers and came to realise how important those few words are.  Too much or too little made me put the book back on the shelf, so your input was invaluable.  I will announce the winner of the book draw, as soon as I figure out all the names.  (Seven people voted and I'm only sure of 5 if you think I might not know it was you...drop me a line!)

Spring has come in full bloom to our little corner of the world.  Here are some pictures of the loveliness:

I know, quite stunning, but there has to be some perks to 3 months of snow.  I've been suffering a bit from a strained back of some description, so it's pretty well killed our work out regimen.  I'm hoping that I'm on the mend and will be back to normal activity levels sooner than later.  The cake business is pretty quiet right now, except for the impending wedding cake and we're looking forward to our St. John's getaway. 

Check back for the winner of a copy of "Those Left Behind", which I'm hoping will be out in August.  Thanks for the support!

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