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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Trees Three Ways

First things first...for those of you who don't know, my book is now for sale through the Friesen Books website: It will be a few weeks before you can find my book online at Chapters or Amazon etc.  Truth be told, I make a larger royalty if you buy through Friesen, but if you can get a discount on the mainstream providers, you get a better deal shipping and the cost is about the same (with discount).  Thank you to everyone who has already purchased a book or forwarded the link.  The more people I can get the link out to, the more likely I'll be to maybe sell enough to break even.  (Fingers crossed!)  Enough about me and my book, I'm sure many of you have tired of it already.

We've completed another cake.  This was a whole new process, as we had to build an armature and other things we haven't done before.  It's a willow tree, in case you're wondering:

Armature before fondant etc.

 So, obviously that's a tree one way!  As to the two other ways...we have sunset pictures (yes, again!), one with a tree in highlight and the other with a tree back lit.

We really do live in a beautiful place (at least when the sun is out), despite the wind blowing cold and wintry.  BRRRRR.  We're making osso buco tonight...lovely that we have a long weekend to enjoy a nice meal!  Here's the beginnings of it:

Yum, yum, yum!  Hopefully it turns out well.  There doesn't seem to be much else going on here.  I've been busy with our AGM plans (for the credit union), cake making and book marketing.  (The last isn't my strong suit...I have yet to find a USP or "unique selling point" in common terms.  It's just a nice little book with a good story, a bit of intrigue and romance.  I added a splash of deep thought, for those who care to see it...what else can I say?)  Ron's time has been filled with seemingly endless renovations, house husband duties (he's expanded his range to include cooking dinner more frequently), his job and yard maintenance...all those trees make for a lot of raking.  It seems that I've come full circle...started with trees and ended with trees, so with that: good night.

1 comment:

  1. Great cake, your going to have a nice portfolio of cakes soon, but why a tree?
    You should send that first sunset tree picture to Global TV news, they get pictures from all over and show them at the end of the news.

    Your dinner looks great, wish I was a better cook, it's chicken thursday for us.