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Monday, December 17, 2012

When Jack Frost Comes A Callin'

Once again, much time has passed since I last took the time to transfer our mundane lives on to this little blog.  We've been blessed with a temperate fall, at least until yesterday, and it feels more like Vancouver than the chilly East Coast.  The downside of such pleasing weather conditions is that I'm feeling decidedly un-Christmas-sy...I know, not the usual status for this time of year, but Ron says I've been unusually grumpy for a while now.  (Yes, feel bad for the poor man, as he's likely right.)

Why so grouchy?  You may ask.  Dunno.  I should be feeling pretty good, my book is published and I've sold almost 50 copies (I don't have stats on the mainstream bookstores yet, or e-books).  Okay, 50 is a far cry from best seller status, but come one, it's not bad, right?  I'm healthy, working out (isn't that supposed to increase endorphins?) and have a loving, supportive husband.  I mean really, what more could any girl want?  And yet, I'm still surly.  Perhaps hormones are to blame.

On a happier note, we've started decorating for Christmas, which I normally enjoy.  The holidays are coming up which means some extended time with Ron, which I always appreciate and enjoy.  We've even managed to go to Halifax several times this year, as well as having a bang-up vacation in Newfoundland.  We haven't noticed any little fury critters invading the house (thanks to Ron) so in summary: life is good.

Jack Frost has been hanging around off and on and we've had a couple of snow falls, but the weather is predicting a green Christmas.  All our little bird friends are enjoying our offerings.  (It's amazing how much enjoyment you can get out of the little guys, they're quite amusing to watch.)

Last. but definitely not least is Ron's second attempt at pie making.  The pastry was awesome!  (So was the filling!)  Pretty dazzling, isn't it?
We will, I swear, put up a Christmas post, so no holiday greetings yet.  Be well, as always, and know that people, out there in the world, are thinking about you and hoping only good things for you.

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  1. 50 is great considering it just came out, we had good comments about your cover from friends and they are intrested in reading it, we handed out a fe copies, I know this won't help your sales, but good to have it read.