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Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Final Stretch of Winter (We Hope!)

For the most part, I think Ron and I are pretty big advocates of the Gentle Island.  We show off it's beauty, talk about all the wonderful people, show off our beautiful property and generally have only good things to say...but be warned the following is a bit whiny and exposes the dark underbelly of life on Prince Edward Island...yes, it's called WINTER.

You know how it is, when you set yourself a goal, and you've poured your heart and soul into achieving it?  There's highs and lows, ups and downs and sometimes things just go sideways?  That's our experience of winter here - buckle down for the distance race and pace yourself.  In all honesty, winter was pretty good up to February.  Sure there was a bit of snow here and there, the temperature dropped, but we could get out and enjoy the sunshine and live day to day in a fairly normal way.  (If you consider multiple layers of clothes to go outside normal!)  Then, just as we're getting hopeful for an early spring in come the storms.  Of the last four weekends (including this one), only the last one was sunny.  The previous two, as you saw, were blizzardy.  Perversely, the work days for the most part weren't all that bad, some of them were down right balmy!  This weekend we're experiencing ice pellets, freezing rain and snow.  Oh goody!  There's no pictures this time...things are just dirty and uninspiring, so I'll spare you the visuals.

I know I really shouldn't complain, our friends out west are threatened with a deluge of rain, at least those in Vancouver/Victoria et al, but I'm looking out the window at "rotten" snow - it's dirty and melted underneath, so you never know when you can walk over a snow bank or fall through.  The wind has strewn about innocent branches and evergreen tree tips, making our backyard look like a bit of a disaster zone.

But back to my analogy of a race...this is the final stretch, the part of the race where you just have to buckle down, suck it up and get through.  You can't think about the finish line (meaning Spring), just concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other until someone tells you to stop or you realize you've crossed the finish line.  We haven't had a visit from the big black dog again, in fact, we haven't seen him since he dropped by to say hello.  It's easy to think that it was just our imagination, but we have photographic evidence, so I think not.

That's all there is from Prince Edward Island, at least for the time being.  Be well, take care of each other & know that there are people out there who love you and think about you often!

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