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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Murphy's Law and Other Ironies hopeful last post.  So innocent.  The Monday after the last blog we awoke to this:


Oh sure, it's pretty...but seriously!  It did cover up the gross nasty rusty red snow, but not for long and then we were back to soupy muck.  I had to crack out my rubber boots.  At least it was the last snow fall before spring, right?  Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Here's our upcoming forecast:

Long Term Forecast Updated:Tuesday, March 19, 2013, 5:55ADT

WednesdayMarch 20ThursdayMarch 21FridayMarch 22SaturdayMarch 23SundayMarch 24MondayMarch 25
6am - 6pm
SnowVariable cloudinessScattered flurriesSnowScattered flurriesVariable cloudiness
SnowVariable cloudinessScattered flurriesSnowScattered flurriesVariable cloudiness
Feels Like-6-5-7-9-6-10
WindE 25km/hS 20km/hNE 30km/hN 45km/hN 30km/hNW 30km/h
24-Hr Rainless than 1 mm-----
24-Hr Snowclose to 10 cm-5-10 cm5-10 cmclose to 1 cm-

Note that the first full day of spring we're supposed to get 5-10 cm of snow.   How is that spring?  I know, I know, there are daffodils and blossoming cherry trees, the snow drops have likely come and gone out west.  I even heard rumours of 16 degrees.  On the bright side, at least our temperatures aren't that cold in the forecast.  (Yesterday it felt like -21 BLICK)

Anyhow, thought I'd drop a quick update, hopefully we won't be digging out of snow until summer.  Ah...that golden word, how blissful it sounds.  Be well!

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