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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Stealth Cake...

Well, I know I swore off cake making, but I promised a little boy that I would make his birthday cake (before my epiphany aka melt down), so I couldn't disappoint him.  What did he want, you might ask?  A Ninjago...yeah, that's exactly what I said..."A what?"

Thank heaven's for the internet.  I wasn't aware that Lego made ninjas, but there you have it!  Here's "Jay" the Blue Ninjago.

Dawn of the Ninjago! This is a mood shot, capturing the Ninjago spirit.

Armed and adorable.

Don't know why he's so mad!
Couldn't resist...I love the ominous shadow!

Full daylight, so you get a truer sense.

Details...yup made edible Lego.
We are also still facing another storm warning...sigh.  I have nothing else to say about it (except that looking out the window confirms that it is indeed snowing), but here's a picture of one of our summer birds returning...I don't think he's impressed with the white stuff.  (Ron calls these "rodent" birds as they have the habit of running around in the bushes, making him think there's four legged critters near the house.  I haven't taken the time to find out what they really are.

He's thinking "It didn't saying anything about snow in the travel brochure!"
That's it from the Gentle (albeit snowy) Island for now kids.  Drive safe, be warm and if your *&%^&## spring flowers are blooming, we don't want to know!

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