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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Snow Comes Before Spring

Okay, so that's a bit of a variation on it's always darkest before the dawn, but it seems to be wholly true here.  There is yet more snow in the forecast, but in blatant disregard of this, we're having the snow tires taken off the car.  It can't be snowy for ever, or so we like to believe. 

To support that belief the little birds of spring have been arriving.  The yellow finches are starting to change back to their bright colour, a robin showed up today and the mourning doves are coming around more often.  (Their coo coo COO, is a sound I relate to warm weather and good times on our back deck.  That's not to say that the winter birds aren't gone.  The red polls are still thick on the seed bag and the ever present chickadees are still flitting around and sitting fat and happy on the pine tree.  (They're ridiculously adorable.)  Of course, you know what this much cuter can you get?
We've had some fairly beautiful mornings as well, usually before the clouds blow in once the sun is up.

We took some time today to take down the snow fencing and pick up all the branches that had blown loose through all the winter storms.  (Good old nor'easters!)  I guess you can tell that we're eager for the weather to change, but I'm heartened by the buds developing on the trees and the other signs of the upcoming spring.  Ron has more plans for the house, starting with the upstairs hallway (oops almost typed "holiday"...Freudian slip?  I think so!)  We can't wait for our next trip.

Well, cross your fingers for spring to finally arrive here.  I here the cherry blossoms are out and the daffodils are looking ready to bloom in BC and we're trying really hard not to be too jealous, but it not easy.  Hope everyone is well!


  1. Where are you going for Holiday ? Are you coming out this way ?

  2. We're heading south...all the way to South America...can't wait!