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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Return to the Prodigal City

Our old home, steeped with memories and multiple neighbourhoods, that we once called home.  Even with the dark clouds gathered on the horizon and lightening flashing down, the city is beautiful.  (There's something about the colour of the setting sun reflecting off the storm clouds that is breathtaking.)

We went to a restaurant which is a tourist favourite (Cloud 9, a revolving restaurant in the heart of the West End), because of the views, and were treated to a beautiful sunset.  This is remarkable, as in all the time I've lived here, it's almost impossible to time that sort of thing.  (It's all about table placement, speed of rotation and, of course, time of sunset.)  Anyway here is the result:


It's a beautiful city, as stated and has grown remarkably.  It will always feel like home, but in a few more weeks, we'll be off on a whole new continent with new places to discover.

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