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Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Clock has Run Down & We're Resetting the Timer

It's hard to believe that our time in Prince Edward Island has come to a close, at least for the time being.  We've crammed most of our life into a 4'9" by 9' (not 5' by10', as was advertised) storage locker and for better or worse, we're headed off on our grand new adventure.  (You might be wondering if a foot makes a difference, YES, yes it really does.)  We're safely in Vancouver, after a very long day of cleaning out our beautiful house and taking the final ride down our driveway.  We really didn't even have a moment to take it all in, as we were off to the storage locker with some final items, before checking our baggage and dropping off the rental car.

We've discovered that we really don't like travelling heavy.  Checking bags is a huge hassle and waiting to collect them at the other end is even more so.  I guess you have to make allowances when you're taking creature comforts to carry you over a year or more of travelling.

We awoke to a beautiful sunny Vancouver day.  (In truth, the sun was barely breaking the horizon when we woke up, but we're just starting to adjust to the time change.)  Once the sale of the house is complete and we have cash in hand, we'll be ready to turn our faces forward and enjoy this new stage of our life.  Sorry there aren't any parting photos but at least I've managed to get in an update after the mania of closing up yet another house.  Updates to come!

Like a song from the 90's says "Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end."


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  1. Thanks for keeping us in the loop!! It's been a while since I have visited your blog and regret not visiting more often as I really like the writing style and the way you capture your life transitions!!
    As your byline indicates, I have come to appreciate the "more fun" part of life - as our grand daughter grows and we participate with her in her constant fun and play! It has reminded me that as adults, particularly working adults, we do not make enough time for "fun" and play in our lives, family, community. Being "child Like" and having fun playing much more often has expanded our horizons. My 3 rules for life, work and play - learn, contribute and have fun - seem to be so appropiate to today's hectic world.
    I know that as you embark on this next life transition and adventure, play and fun will be a large part of of the discovery!!
    All the very best!! Detlef and Courtney