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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Best Laid Plans o' Mice and Men...

Okay, so I'm off a bit on Robbie Burns day, but the sentiment holds true. This year, like every year since I started this blog, I planned to do a post per week. As you can see, I'm about three weeks behind. But I have a good excuse...we've finally moved to our new apartment.

It started on the 20th, when we finally got our electricity hooked up...a big moment since we've been waiting for a year. Then came the water...this was also terribly exciting until the developer noticed a cascade of water coursing down our back splash. This was not good. One of the screws from the upper cabinets had perforated the water line. So down came the upper cabinets (that I had just finished filling with dishes - so much for the 'touch once' rule!) and then a hole was hammered in the wall to access the water line. The screw had hit perfectly in the centre of the couldn't have done it that perfectly if you'd tried.
Taken slightly from the left side...
The next eight days consisted of unpacking what we could, getting appliances installed (they aren't usually included with the suite) and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. There is still construction going on in the building, so we're playing 'fight the dust'...not fun, but necessary.
Oven with space over top for the microwave

Fridge, tucked in the corner

Just fits...barely...
Cook top - check!
We spent our first night here this last Tuesday, our water line had been replaced and our calefon (on demand hot water heater) was ready to go. There will be another installment that regales our internet and TV experience...don't miss it!

So now we are nicely ensconced in the "castle" as one friend calls it. (I prefer aerie, but who am I to say??).
Night comes to the city

Top left Mirador Turi, bottom right Catedral Nueva

The point of all this? Life gets in the way of plans. When interviewing for a job, I always hated the question "where do you see yourself in five years?". Seriously, 'stuff' gets in the way of my plans every week and you want me to predict something half a decade out? Impossible! (At least for me, I'm usually jealous (and slightly suspicious) of people who have that much control over their lives.)
Day time shot by Ron
Be prepared for a barrage of posts, I have a few in the works, so I can try to hit my target come the end of the year. (See, I do try to have goals.) Until next time, stay safe, tell someone you love them and take one moment to breathe!


  1. Great to see you are in, kept checking the blog daily, but I can see how tied up you must have been. Fantastic views, I think that was a great decision picking a place with a view.