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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Dress Me Up! Cuenca Fashion

I've got to admit, my style has slipped to an all time low. Usually you'll find me in skinny jeans, a tank or t-shirt and flats (usually beat up, but comfortable). Now this may seem incredible to those of you who know me well, but fear not, I have not completely abandoned my high heels, even on the cobblestones.

I am not unique amongst the expats here. There are some crazy gringo styles getting rocked around the city; tie-dye (yes, I said it) travel fashion (the Tilley hat is alive and well), sandals (with socks - I have no words) and all types of 'unique' fashion that keeps expats comfortable and occasionally cringe worthy. (Sometimes I wonder if people look in the mirror before they go out.)
Not actual Cuencano Expats
Close, but not real expats either...
Tilley reigns supreme, for practical reasons, I would guess.
(Still not an actual expat here in Ecuador - but a good example)
This is not the Ecuadorian way. Between the traditional dress of the Chola Cuencanas, Canaris and other indigenes groups, the young hipsters (of which there are a lot) and the business crowd, fashion abounds here. The business people are formal, suits, often uniforms, especially for bank employees, well coifed hair, manis and pedis and there really isn't any such thing as casual Friday. What I've come to notice though, is that matching shirts and shoes seem to be the thing. I call it "matchy- matchy". I've been compiling photo evidence of the practice and present it here. For each photo shown, I've missed at least three or four other examples as the camera wasn't in my hand, ready to grab another amazing colour combination...seriously, I've missed a good twenty photos or so.
Blues shoes, blue shirt - exactly the same blue, too!
Extreme matchy-matchy - two for two!
Just to prove that guys get in on the action, too.
Ignore the bra strap, notice the shoes and shirt!
I know you're sad that I haven't posted any pictures of wild expat outfits, but I thought it wouldn't win me any friends and would likely alienate many, so you'll have to leave it to your imaginations.

If you really want to draw notice here as a foreigner, walk down the street with a mop and broom. This draws quizzical glances, double takes and seems to make the kids less wary, strange to say. (We know this as we carried such items to our new apartment and it drew more interest than a parade we passed on our way.)

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