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Sunday, October 25, 2015

In Support of Refugees

Looking towards distance shores.
 This has been a hot button topic, especially throughout the Canadian election. (Way to go, Canada! Thanks for voting for hope, tolerance and decency, btw!) With millions of displaced people around the globe, some first world countries are resorting to scare tactics and prejudice to keep refugees out. (Canada included, but I'm hoping that will change very quickly.)

Considering that Canada and the United States are primarily countries built on the backs of immigrants, I find it odd that so many people would be against accepting Syrian (and other) refugees into our countries. But you might call me biased, as my life was fundamentally impacted by refugees. 
We came from somewhere else, too, right?
There was a time in my life when I chose not to utilize the support of my family. It was in those crazy, confusing teen aged years and I was broken and scared and felt that I didn't really have anywhere to go. I had a best friend, who just happened to be a refugee from Chile. Her family had fled the Pinochet regime. They'd come to Canada for a new, safe life. The details of their story are theirs alone to tell, but Canada welcomed them and because of that (and their own generous nature), they were here for me.

They took me in, looked after me when I got dreadfully sick and showed me a different way of life.  They are very well educated, deep thinking and feeling people that had a life completely different to my own and they changed the way I viewed the world. They had a large part in making me what I am today and for that and their many kindnesses, I thank them.

Kindness isn't a weakness, it's a special type of bravery that can open you to hurt and betrayal, but it also says you care and want to understand and that's powerful as well as worth the risk. So, I say: open the doors, lend a helping hand to those that have suffered the horrors of war, crushing repression, hunger and fear. Let them enhance our society, let us enhance their lives and do what is good, right and decent. It is the Canadian way. We all have a story and we all need hope.
Roots are important as is acceptance.


  1. Danica, you are a MARVELOUS woman! You have just made me burst in tears! I hope we have the chance to meet and chat again some time soon!

    1. I hope so, too. Thank you for everything! I hope all of you know how amazing you are.