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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Please Vote

For all my Canadian readers, as all you know the federal election is just over two weeks away.

I'd like to remind all Canadians that our right to vote is a hard won and coveted  privilege. Many people have fought, gone to jail and died to be able to exercise this right, so PLEASE take the time to vote. It is your right and Canadian labour laws provide time for you to be able to go to the polls.

Don't delude yourself - your vote does matter. There is a huge amount of data supporting this. The last government was elected by 25% of the eligible voters. If you don't feel you have sufficient information to make a choice please take half an hour to educate yourself on the candidates in your riding. (Elections Canada Party and Candidate Information) There is a lot of information on, so start there.

If you are in the 18-25 year old demographic, you are currently in a position to make a huge difference. The parties (for the most part) have neglected you, as they believe you don't care. I know this isn't true. Your demographic is actually in a position to decide the next government, if only you take the time to mark your ballots. Have a voting party and include your friends - tweet about, Instagram, or snapchat about it. Get involved in how your tax money is handled, who speaks for you and how our country grows and changes. That's what your vote can do.

I wish I could say that I don't care who you vote for - I actually do - but that isn't the point of the blog, so long as you vote. Whether you have an ingrained loyalty to a certain party (although I encourage strategic voting), or a disdain for them all, not choosing is still a choice and takes away your right to challenge, complain or object to the next government including your opinion on: taxation, legislation and representation etc.

So, on October 19th, head to the polls (or vote in the early ballots Oct. 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th,  if you have other stuff to do that day), and mark your 'X'. It's painless and it's something that millions of people around the world wish they could do.

Let's take back our country, so we can lift our heads proudly, both at home and away.

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