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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Danica's Rants

Preparations for Carnaval - Flour and spray foam!
Okay, so sometimes things just make me a little crazy and then I rant. (Photos shamelessly stolen from:!)

#1 - Why do female detectives on TV wear high heeled shoes? You see them running through cobble stoned streets and when they stop they're wearing 3 inch least wear shoes you can actually run in. (Yes, I've run in high heels, but not at a full out tilt that I can only manage in runners.) A little realism/practicality please.

#2 - Why is it a kindness to put down a suffering animal, but not a kindness to do the same for a terminally suffering human? And please don't tell me because we intellectually understand what we're going through...does that make the pain any less? No.

#3 - Why are so many TV female super heroes stick skinny? All the male superheroes are cut like nobody's business, but the chicks are anemic. (Again...realism...!)

#4 - Why do the posts on Pinterest obsess both with weight loss and dessert recipes? I feel so conflicted when I look at it!

#5 - People from the US accuse Canadians of saying "aboot"...we do not...Scottish people say "aboot" we say "abowt". Where this idea came from, I have no idea, but please stop saying it.

#6 - Reality TV is an oxymoron. It isn't real and is only encouraging people to bad behaviour. It's so rampant that many viewers actually think that acting like a jerk and "winning" are all that matters. It will be the downfall of our society.

#7 - Corporations and share holders expect profits to continually rise. This is impossible that's why they call it a business "cycle". For the love of God, plan for the downturns, stop firing the people on the ground, doing the real work, and get rid of one or two of your useless fat cat executives.

That's it. All the little bees I have buzzing around in my bonnet. Maybe the irritants have gone away because it's Carnaval here and kids are spraying each other with foam and water, running around like made things and have a wonderful time. Things like that can buoy my spirits, even while chewing on some "friendly" fire soap bubbles.

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