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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Why Visitors are a Good Thing

Some of you already have the answer to this mystery. You're the type of people who love to see friends and family and can't imagine going somewhere that didn't include at least one visit with a loved one, or not catching up with someone close who has traveled to a town near you.
Erin hiking around a Laguna in the Cajas
On the flip side, there are people who travel to get away. They don't want to see anyone familiar or have the demands of friends and family pressed upon them. When guests arrive in town they don't understand why they just don't stay in a hotel. I mean, isn't it just more comfortable for everyone to have their own space?
Wild Cajas Bunny

Charming Watefall
Those are the two extremes, of course and most of us fall somewhere in between. But having guests can truly be a good thing. Especially, if you're in a new place (with a different language). I'm very guilty of getting into little set patterns and not really deviating from them, but when a guest comes, you really do want them to have a good time and see the things that interest them.
Parque Calderon from the New Cathedral
To this end, we found ourselves catching buses that we've never caught by ourselves, roaming to the outer limits of the city and turning off the TV to go wander around and marvel at the lights of the city by night. We've hired drivers to take us to the coast and clomped through the majestic Cajas without knowing the trail. This makes us more confident in our new space and allows us to consider tackling new challenges, despite the fact that we have to use a different language and venture into unknown territory.

So I challenge you. Even if you think it might be too daunting or beyond your skill set, the adventure might just make all the anxiety worth it. Don't wait for a guest. Go discover the world around you with a sense of fearless adventure and we'll try to keep doing the same.

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