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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Why You Should Travel Before You're 40

Ouch! I've officially crossed the "too old to do something without a doctor's permission" bridge. I have to be hurt, both my pride and my sense of self. At only 45, I think it's a bit of a crock, but I understand that caution is the better part of sense.
We've been planning to get our PADI diving certification and because I've been known to faint on occasion (exactly 3 times in my life, to be precise) and have reached that magical age cut off, I must have a dive doctor certify that I won't die under water. The circumstances of the fainting seem to be moot. (Okay, one was from sun stroke, one was from utter exhaustion and the last one was because I'm a big baby and don't like the sight of my own blood - I'm not proud.)

Anyhow, if this had been last year, I'd be okay - no doctor's not, no nosy questions, but because 6 months have passed, I'm now on the hook for a check up. So what if I hiked 71kms up to altitudes of 15,000 feet or 2,400 metres? Or that I live in one of the highest cities in the world - nope; faint + 45 = decrepit. Even Ron, bastion of good health and vigor now needs to get the doctor's okay.

So this is why you should do a lot of things earlier in life.  I know, for those of you past that's too late...just like it's too late for me, but for those of you on the cusp and wondering if you should or shouldn't...for the love of God, do it. Do it while you don't have to pay higher premiums for travel insurance, when you don't need to pay out good money for a doctor to give you the thumbs up. Do it when people hear your age and don't reach for the walker or cardiac arrest machine...just in case.

Sure, you might have more money or time when you're older, but sometimes no amount of time or cash will get you where you want to go. (Shocker...right?  I thought enough money could grease the way for nearly anything, but that's the's going to take money to do this thing now...and I can only imagine A LOT of money to "get around" the problem...not that we'd do  that.)

If you're past 40...don't panic. Get out and do the thing you've dreamed about doing, don't let the red tape and discouraging words stop you. We're going to and you should, too.

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