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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The BIG Four-Oh (or is it Four Uh-oh?)'s true.  Today I've hit another life milestone...40.  Now, I can understand why you might think that moving to PEI is the mother of all mid-life crises, but I swear that it is not.  I haven't cut off my hair (yet) or bought an fancy sports car, nor have I found two 27 and a half year olds to trade Ron in for.  (I don't know if I can even do that kind of straight exchange and let's be honest, would I really want to anyway?)

I have no plans for today, but my  oldest sister and her husband kindly took Ron and I on a lovely trip via train up to Whistler yesterday and took us out to a very nice dinner. Today I'm working.  (That just isn't right, but that's a whole other blog!)
'Chelle, Tom & Layla
The Rocky Mountaineer

I think I might even feel better now that the number is hanging there in cyberspace - virtual black and white, so to speak.  I'm looking forward to green pastures, walks in the snow and a little yellow house with gingerbread on it.  That's the key, no looking back - upward and onward.

By the way, Ron is out looking for the people who voted against the ride on lawn mower (specifically those of you who clicked the "NO" know who you are)...if he finds out who you are he's going to run you over once he gets his new ride.  (Assuming we aren't zoned for goats, of course.)

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