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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Where we're going and where we've been...

We've had many people ask us "But where exactly IS Freetown???" So we've made a map to give everyone (yes, you!) an idea about where we're actually taking ourselves to. It looks like this:

Keep in mind that PEI is quite small and the drive to Charlottetown is only about 25 minutes.  (For you other Island folk, be it Prince Edward or Vancouver, I acknowledge the Island mentality of  traveling more than 5 minutes being a major commute.)

Now many of you don't know us in our "natural habitat", so to speak, so I'm also including some pictures or where we live now.  Two pictures (the hazy ones) are from our balcony, the other is a 10 minute walk down the sea wall.

We really live in the heart of the action right now.  There's probably 100 restaurants within walking distance.  But what is convenience compared to peace?  We'll let you know.  The house has a gourmet kitchen, so rest assured, we won't starve & did I mention how cheap the lobster is?
Re-roofing BC Place Stadium
Granville St Bridge and Granville Island
Cambie Street Bridge and False Creek


  1. I will be following your journey with envy. All the best!! Plans for Okoberfest in PEI are underway!

  2. There is Lower Freetown, South Freetown, and who knows how many more Freetowns. Close to Summerside I see. I am thinking great biking Island!!

  3. Can't wait to bring Beckfest to PEI! And yes, there is a wonderful bike/hike trail that runs over the Island called...wait for it...Confederation Trail. (PEI's the birth place of Canadian confederation, don'cha know?)