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Saturday, December 11, 2010

An Apology, a Suggestion and a Sigh of Contentment.

First, the would seem that someone thought that the "Tale of Mr. Scritchy, the House Mouse" was actually a children's story and read it out loud accordingly.  My apologies to both the person reading said story and the young traumatized child.  I'll see what I can do to get something more child friendly on the blog at a later date.

Hopefully the cute factor will get me out of the dog house.

The suggestion is for those not as comfortable with technology as others, but would like to say a little something on something we've written or something someone else has added.  (Besides, we like to hear from you and wonder what you're thinking!)

It's quite easy to add a comment to this little blog.  In the comments area just type what you want to say...I have not coded this site as adult only, so mind your "p"s and "q"s please.  (If you don't see a comments field, just click the little green word "comments" and it should make a field magically appear.  (Yes...I can hear all of you asking "Sure, but then what?")  I usually select to post under "Name/URL".  You don't need a URL and you can call yourself pretty well whatever you like (for example someone I know uses "Hop-Along-Tom"), so you would just type in whatever you would like to use to represent yourself and click "post comment".  Okay, this is where it gets a little bit scary.  The computer will ask you to type in word that you see in a box on the screen (which is occasionally hard to read) and click either "okay", "continue" or "post comment" (or something similar).  This isn't a trick to infiltrate your compute it's just to make sure a computer isn't searching the web looking for innocent blogs to post adds or naughty things on.

The sigh of contentment comes for a week's work done, the snow blowing lightly around the house making it seems a bit Christmas-sy, hot chocolate in my tummy and a veal roast for dinner.  (Ron found it for only $5...that's right, eat your hearts out - those of you who like veal.  To those of you tsking at me...don't think I don't know where the meat comes from...I live in a farming community, I've gotten the grizzly details, but refuse to feel any guilt.  If not me, it would be someone else, but I will treat it gently and lovingly and truly appreciate it.)  It's also nice to have a nice cozy home to cuddle down in and spend time with someone I love.

We are learning to enjoy the people of our new surroundings.  They think we're a bit crazy, wanting things like Christmas trees with the roots still attached (so we can replant it), gold and candy stripe beets or Thai curry paste and doing things like ACTUALLY recycling the way the recycling program is set up and going for long walks voluntarily.  We're finding people open and friendly for the most part, though it does take them a while to really warm up and get to know you.

I have a theory that if they can't place your somewhere amongst people they know or have heard of they aren't quite sure what to do with you.  One of the favourite pastimes around here is playing "Do you know so and so?"  It's rather like the five degrees of Kevin Bacon, but you play it with random local people until you can link them to someone you know or are related to.  We aren't very good at it, but have tripped over a couple of connections accidentally.  (Our Geo-thermal heating guy is related by marriage to our investment adviser at the credit union.)  Yes, PEI is actually that's going to be interesting.  Ron's quite excited, if the snow keeps coming (though it's not forecasted to) he might get to use the snow blower.  I'm still working on getting pictures, but it seemed silly up until now, as we didn't have any snow to speak of.

Anyhow, I'm off to sear my roast of veal, perhaps a glass of wine is in order, that's the perk of being the chef!


  1. Sounds perfect honey, enjoy your idea of ideal life and allow the tish tosher's their's.We are so enjoying 85 degree weather on Dec.11th we spent the day rummaging through a swap meet here in Mesa,funny to see all the Christmas lights and decorations as we stroll around in shorts and t-shirts,looking for shade and a cool drink.It is puddy's 5th b-day today so we found some giant peanut flavor homemade cookies for her(pic's on my FB page.)
    Enjoy your Veal and wine I toast you both with my lemonade to a great Christmas and better New Year.

  2. Hi Ron and Danica. It has been a few weeks since I have had any time to read your blog and get caught up in your adventures.

    Colette's boyfriend stopped in Victoria on his way home to Ontario (from Australia) and spent a couple of weeks with us. It was nice getting to know him, but it left me little time to do the everyday things (like keeping track of your blog)

    Looks like your adventures are on-going. I DEFINITELY like the red paint in the dining room, and it looks like you are doing some pretty nice work around the house, Ron. I still plan on taking advantage of your spare room, and I must admit I find it a little difficult having you so far away - I miss those wonderful hugs of yours, Ron.

    We had a horrible snowstorm here the beginning of December - they shut down our work and sent everyone home at 9:30 in the morning! I know, I know, don't laugh - this is supposed to be balmy, sunny Victoria, right! Eventually, sometime this winter it will land on your doorstep you know...

    We are leaving next week for 10 days in Maui - I have never been there, and am very much looking forward to it, and to spending Christmas on the beach instead of in the stores. Ryan and Jen are hosting a wonderful fondue dinner the night before we leave for Maui, which we are very much looking forward to, and that will be the extent of our Christmas celebrations. We will give you guys a call this weekend - before we leave.

    Lots of love, and big hugs.