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Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Green Monster (We're not talking jealousy, either!)

(Welcome new followers, Ryan & Jen!  That's their balloon business link amongst the followers.  If you want balloons to decorate a special event, get in touch with them.   No they didn't pay me for the plug!)

We've been waiting patiently for comes, it goes...there's even talk of a green Christmas; but that's not the monster of which I speak.  I'm talking about this fellow:

He's a lean 44 inches of snow blowing fury and Ron's more than ready to wreak his revenge against any errant flakes.  (Note the chains on the back.  What you can't see is the 2 forty pound weights on the back to offset the weight of that most gnarly (yes, that's surfer speak - just embrace it) snow blower.)  Here's the problem:

From our walk today (December 18th)
You'll notice the marked lack of snow...not that we're asking for LOTS of snow...but the forecast seems to be for rain over the next few days with a hope for flurries before Christmas.  One of the perks of moving here is to have a white Christmas, or so I told myself.  This is what it looked like last weekend (but just for a couple of days):

From our Dec. 12th Walk
Now, don't think I'm complaining (at least not much) because I'm pretty sure that come February, I'll be so sick of snow and cold that I'll be ready to move to a beach shack anywhere tropical, but is is too much to ask to have a nice little bit of snow for Christmas???  These are the things I ponder in my spare time.  I did go to the Kensington Christmas Parade (no Winter Carnival for these folks!) in my official role as Credit Union Employee.  It seems to be quite the festivity and there were throngs of people along a good chunk of the route.  Unfortunately, my camera was on the fritz (one of the managers was wearing a coat with reflective stripes on it  - that plus flash equals a bad combination) so there are no photos.  It was all very festive and I almost stole a pair of miniature horses dressed up as reindeer.  ( cute, about the size of Great Danes - maybe smaller.)  Unfortunately the owners kept a close eye on them...oh well, where would I keep them, in with the John Deere?  Do deer and horses even get along?  Mentioning wild life reminded me about the little "Mutual of Omaha" moment that Ron witnessed yesterday.  An eagle came in and perched on Heathcliffe's favourite tree trunk.  (Heathcliffe saw him coming and made a mad dash for the tree line.)  All the birds pretty well scattered after that and didn't show up again until today.  We were also visited by two coyotes.  (Why do they pronounce it Keye-oat-ees?)  Anyhow they spent a couple of hours cleaning up the farmers field of any tasty little critters.  (Thanks boys, perhaps you could come around weekly, just to keep the mouse population down.) 

By way of an update, we've had no further mouse activity after vanquishing Mr. Scritchy and what we presume was his rather homely wife Mrs. Sneaky.  (She opted not to take his name.)  Hopefully no small Scritchy's were left behind.  I find it particularly awkward as many advertisers have chosen to use cute little mice in their holiday commercials...the mice made their choice, I'm trying to be okay with it.

I hope this finds all of you ready for the holidays.  We've opted to "do" Christmas this year and have decorated.  It's strange how few decorations we seems to have in a house this big, but I think 2 Christmas trees is over the top for us, at least at this point.   

To Paul, where ever you are, you are missed , the world was a more familiar place with you in it, but my Christmas wish for you is peace, whatever that is for you.  I wish it for your family, too.  And to a friend who just recently lost his father to a battle with cancer, my heart is with you and your family.  Every life is precious and we are grateful for whatever time we get to spend in the light of their being.

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  1. Merry Christmas ! ! !
    ...Michelle and Tom

    What a great looking machine, I would love to try it out.