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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Our First PEI Christmas

Well, I think the first, and most obvious, thing to say is:  (Click on the photo to make it bigger.  Yes, that's Heathcliffe wearing a Santa hat, Ron refused to pose for the picture!)

As some of you may already know, this photo was taken on a road quite near our house, it was a few weeks ago...we are suffering from a green Christmas.    :0(

Here are some photos of the house with Christmas decorations up:


 Oh, I know...boring boring boring, but at least we DID decorate.  Here's a little shot of our Christmas Eve tapas...yes, of course we had lobster, but other stuff, too (chicken wings not shown).
Don't know why one wine glass is glowing...perhaps the Christmas Spirit!
Our day has been quiet, I know most of you are enjoying being with family etc, but Ron and I are just enjoying having a stretch of time off together.  We wish all of you the very best this holiday and hope you have a festive and safe New Year. 

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