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Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly & a Mouse

As you can see, I'm not beneath stealing a perfectly good movie title to jazz up my blog. 

First things first: welcome Scott & Linda, new followers of the blog! I want to send out a BIG thank you to Lucinda and Gilles (our fellow BC expats).  Having heard our trials with the mice invasion, Lucy very kindly sent me the cutest little mouse (I call the mouse Mrs. Jingles - ode to the "Green Mile" and her little bell nose), made with her own two hands (Lucinda's - not the mouse's she could hardly create herself):

Lucinda and Gilles headed out East before we did and they have a very nice little blog going about their new life.  Lucy has a great eye so her photos are quite stunning.  Anyway, on with the rest of our blog:

It's always hard for me, going back to work after the Christmas holidays.  Usually there are no long weekends until Easter, so it seems like a long stretch.  Well, here in PEI, there's a February holiday (the 3rd Monday) so I get a bit of a long weekend there, which is great, as Easter is quite late this year.  This is a good thing, as I had a bit of a rough go at work last week as I feel a bit like a wall flower - there but not terribly useful, but a rousing email from Janette ( boss from branch 1) has made it all better.  Thank God for friends, they do help to keep me sane, not that Ron doesn't help, but I always assume he's biased in my favour.  (I guess that segment takes care of the "Ugly" portion of my title.)

The bad consists of a dead battery in the John Deere, so Ron had to manually shovel out the drifts so I could get to work.  I couldn't help, as the snow was blowing like a banshee and I wanted to have a least a bit of make-up left on my face once I got to work & I was in my business attire as well.  (Yes, I'll admit that that's a pretty darn convenient excuse.)

Blue Jay at the front door - Avon rep or no, you decide

Fuzzy pic of a little dove on the back porch.

The fir tree gang aka Partridge Family
The "Good" consists of a recharged battery, another snow fall.  (It's so's hard to describe.)  It's quite warm, hovering around minus one in the day, so it's very pleasant to go for a stroll in the falling snow (at least when the wind is fairly calm.)  We also seem to be "THE" place in the neighbourhood for birds.  We have a little gang of Blue Jays  (I'm sure there's a proper term for a collection of Jays, but I'm too lazy to look it up), some rather beautiful brown doves and of course, the Partridge Family.  (Not to neglect Heathcliffe, of course, but he just isn't a bird - he's more of a dictator - harassing everyone that comes near his nests & or food stashes.)  The Woodpecker (Will Scarlet) has been M.I.A. lately, perhaps the Quail/Partridges have bullied him out.  All those little gems along with a couple of rather breathtaking sunsets thrown in make life pretty good.  Well, there are curtains to be hemmed, a novel to be written and some baking to be done, so I'll leave you with our best wishes, thoughts and a few more photos.  (I wish I had a better camera, the zoom is far from adequate and it has problems focusing on certain things.)

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  1. Try returning to work after 15 months! Looks like sabbatical is over- offer sheet to sign tomorrow then back to corporate life.