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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow Surprising!

We had our very first major snow storm warning.  The front snuck up from Cape Cod (darn you manifest destiny!) and left a frozen deluge (if that's possible) of whiteness.  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves (with only minor explanation):

The top of the ridges is about shoulder height

Path to the outbuilding
Now I have to explain a couple of things.  The path down to the shed/out building is on a bit of a slope, which the snow blower isn't all that great on if it has to clear snow, so Ron and I started digging our way from where we park the car (to the left of the 2nd photo) down to the building at the back of our property at 7am.  There were two fairly sizable drifts about 3 and 3.5 feet deep.  Having successfully cleared the way for the GM (Green Monster) Ron proceeded to clear the driveway, that was a 9am - yes, we shovelled for 2 hours.  I left the house at 11am as work was delayed in opening - due to weather, if you can imagine!  I called Ron at 1:30 he'd just taken a lunch break and was heading back out to tackle the last stretch of driveway which was a 50 foot stretch of 3 foot deep drift.  He wrapped up at 4:20.  And we were worried about getting any exercise!

You may wonder why there aren't any pictures of Ron's monumental success.  (Cue the "Rocky" theme.)  I just wasn't prepared to walk all the way down the drive (having done so that morning BEFORE the drifts were cleared) to take'll just have to use your imagination.

All that being said, the snow is perfect for making snowmen, if we only had the energy!  The power kept flickering off and on all night, which is very disruptive for my sleep!  Thank heaven's they're only calling for a few centimetres of snow overnight, so we're feeling quite confident that it won't be an all day event tomorrow, at least if there isn't too much wind.


  1. That's a lot of snow.
    Hopefully you can work out a way of having the snowblower sit near the house or driveway in a shed,so you don't have to dig it out again.

    The Island cam at Province House doesnt show much snow in Charlottetown

  2. I lost three pounds digging out that once in a while it's not that bad!